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Group of Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution graduate students standing in a group in front of the Eiffel Tower

The Distribution Growth Models course features “real-time” case studies in which multiple distributors and their suppliers provide a problem environment for students to work on supply chain solutions. This second-year course examines global competitive issues in sourcing, operations, and sales and is applicable to all MID students. Global networks of facilities, human resources, inventories, and supplier relationships are examined together with legal issues and logistics. Each year, new case studies are prepared, a new global location identified, as well as new problem environments to reflect the changing challenges facing global distribution. The MID team arrange several site visits to distributors and manufacturers in the international location to occur during that week. Students are responsible for the airfare to and from the destination country. All accommodations, in-country transportation, cultural visits, and most meals are arranged by the MID program.

Purpose: Provide students opportunity to work with real-time case study projects for a global company within a global environment. Research shows, and industry confirms, that we are living in a world that is increasingly interconnected. Therefore, engineers need deep understanding of global concepts along with the competency to apply these concepts at their own companies.

Who: Students are encouraged to attend but, the trip is OPTIONAL.  Students all work together as teams regardless of attendance on the trip.

When: The course is held in the Fall of the cohort’s 2nd year.

Duration: The Global Distribution Experience is typically 5-6 days (including flights)

Cost: There are no additional costs for this opportunity other than personal incidentals and a few meals.

Location: We work each year to provide new project opportunities with company partners. Location of the trip is determined once partner companies are identified (typically the Spring of the cohort’s 1st year).

Global Distribution Experience Locations:

  • 2010: Austria and Hungary

  • 2011: Spain and Portugal

  • 2012: Brazil

  • 2013: Norway

  • 2014: India

  • 2015: Singapore and Malaysia

  • 2016: China

  • 2017: Poland

  • 2018: Argentina

  • 2019: Germany

  • No trips 2020-2022 (COVID)

  • 2023: France

  • 2024: Germany (tentative)