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When is the deadline to apply?

Is there an option to begin the program in the Spring or Summer?

  • Unfortunately, no. The program is designed as a lock-step, cohort program. Each new class begins in the fall semester (August), only.

Do you have admissions offered year round?

  • No, we only admit students for each fall semester, which begins in August of each year. However, we do accept applications year round.

Does the MID Program require submission of scores from GRE or GMAT?

  • As of Fall 2012, the GRE and GMAT exam is no longer required as an element of your application.

Do I need to have an Industrial Distribution or Engineering degree to apply?

  • No. You do not need a degree in Industrial Distribution nor Engineering. Many of our students possess a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines which further enriches the program. You do need a four year bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.

What is the minimum undergraduate GPA required to be considered competitive?

  • There is no minimum GPA requirement to gain admittance into the MID Program. The MID Admissions Committee reviews an applicant’s entire application as a whole, including work experience, essays, professional resume and letters of recommendation.

Is financial aid available?

  • Upon gaining admittance into the program, you will be recognized as a graduate student of Texas A&M University. Financial Aid may be available, for those students who meet requirements, to receive aid. All applicants interested in obtaining aid are highly encouraged to submit an application with Texas A&M Financial Aid office or FAFSA. The FAFSA code for Texas A&M is 003632.

I am a veteran or active duty military member, how do I get information on benefits?

Is Residency Week a mandatory requirement?

  • Yes. The MID Residency Week is held every year, at the beginning of August. Residency Week is a great opportunity for you to meet fellow classmates, faculty and staff all while learning about Industrial Distribution and what it means to be a part of Texas A&M University.

What are the dates for this year's Residency Week?

Are there any class meeting times?

  • There are no class meeting times in the MID Program, with the exception of Residency Week and Capstone Project Presentations/Graduation. Occasionally, professors and students schedule telephone conferences and webinars. However, these are optional and not required.

What will be written on my diploma?

  • Upon completion of all degree requirements, you will obtain a Master of Industrial Distribution degree from the Dwight Look College of Engineering. Your diploma will not state that you took courses online; for this program is recognizes as a full-fledged graduate program of Texas A&M University.

Will I qualify for an Aggie Ring?

  • Yes! MID students will qualify and may order an Aggie Ring during their second year in the program. Please see the Association of Former Students for more information.