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MID students are required to select a capstone project, likely from their sponsor company and work closely with faculty and the Global Supply Chain Systems Laboratory (GSCL) researchers to deliver a high-value solution that is immediately implementable. These projects provide invaluable preparation for professional work where students develop a strategy and timetable for work completion. The faculty and GSCL team guide students through the research project process, establishing a timeline and expectations with the firm, suggesting areas to investigate, helping students refine a problem, pointing out relevant resources, imparting relevant technical skills and knowledge, and commenting thoroughly on iterations of work, from initial drafts to the final product. Students will give an initial presentation of their work to the GSCL team and faculty for feedback and improvement suggestions before giving the final presentation. The MID student brings a Return-On-Investment to the firm with new best practices and a problem-solving skill set that goes far beyond graduation.

The Capstone Project, has provided me with the foundation for the implementation of cutting-edge concepts, which will lead to industry leading best practices within my organization. The capstone project alone will have a positive impact of over $1.5M.

Robert Graham | President, Engine Warehouse, Class of 2009

Project Timeline

Fall (August - December)

Under the guidance of research faculty, the student will select a project that adds value to their firm. A meeting with the management team, student and faculty will be held to determine the project steering committee (company sponsor) and establish project requirements and expectations.

  • September 30: Problem statement and steering committee meeting
  • November 15: Project proposal rough draft
  • November 30: Project proposal final draft

Spring (January - May)

From December to March students will conduct the research project and deliver the results to management, faculty and their peers between April and May.

  • January 31: Mid-term steering committee update
  • February 28: Final project presentation draft (webinar)
  • March 31: Final project presentation to steering committee
  • April 15: Final project report (draft)
  • April 30: Final project report
  • Mid-May: Class presentation and graduation