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The following is a general list of items (OGS does not imply that this is everything a student needs to do) that will need to be completed in order to graduate. Please refer to the current Graduate Catalog for issues related to your specific degree.

  1. Apply for graduation by the deadline. A late fee of $50.00 will be assessed to students who apply for graduation after the deadline.
  2. Please order your regalia by the deadline from the MSC Bookstore or online. Don’t forget to order the hood that represents your degree.(MS thesis: golden yellow; MS non-thesis: orange; PhD: dark blue) You will receive regalia ordering information by email from the Office of Graduate Studies after you have completed the application for graduation. You may also contact the MSC bookstore at 979-845-8681 with regalia questions.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the Office of Graduate Studies deadline calendar and meet all deadlines.
  4. Run a degree Evaluation on Discuss any concerns with your departmental graduate advisor.
  5. Finalize your degree plan. Submit any petitions needed to correct deficiencies. Incomplete grades which have been converted to "F" must be changed to a passing letter grade or back to an incomplete. If you have any “X” grades, contact the Graduate Advisor as soon as possible. Remind your professors to submit your grades by the deadline the semester you are graduating.
  6. Schedule your final oral exam (or request exemption, if applicable) by deadline posted on Office of Graduate Studies deadline calendar.
  7. Submit thesis or dissertation to the thesis office (if applicable) by the deadline posted on Office of Graduate Studies deadline calendar.
  8. Clear your academic record. Incomplete grades must be converted to appropriate grades (satisfactory or letter grades) before you can graduate. Incompletes received in your final semester/term could prevent you from graduating.
  9. Satisfy all financial obligations (fines, tickets, fees, etc.) with Texas A&M University. Outstanding debt could delay release of your diploma or transcripts. Return all library books you have checked out to the TAMU library.
  10. Return your office and/or lab key(s) to Tiphany Bode in 301N or the Grad Office.
  11. Visit the local Post Office to request a change of address form or submit one online via If this is not completed, your mail will be returned to the sender after 10 days.
  12. All graduating students must complete the departmental Exit Survey.

Congratulations and best wishes in your future endeavors!