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Deadline to Apply: March 1

Howdy! The ECE department is excited to announce a new automatic admission program to encourage some of our top undergraduate students to enter our graduate program. Under this program, if you satisfy the three requirements below, you will be eligible for admission to our M.Eng program automatically. You will not need to provide GRE scores, an official transcript or recommendation letters.

  1. You are an undergraduate student in the ECE department
  2. You have completed all the core courses and the English writing course, i.e., you are senior design ready
  3. Your major G.P.A. is 3.6 or higher.

Please visit the engineering graduate admissions page and complete the first two steps there, i.e., apply through EngineeringCAS and fill out the Departmental Data Sheet. The latter is required since we need to know which research area you would like to pursue. In addition to this, please send an email to explain that you have applied through the automatic admission program. You can convert to an M.S. degree or Ph.D. degree if you choose to when you find a thesis advisor.

Note: The office of graduate studies provides a few fellowships to students who will begin their graduate studies every Fall. If you would like to apply for these fellowships, you will have to apply through the regular application procedure. This includes providing GRE scores, an official transcript, three recommendation letters and a statement of purpose. These documents are required to apply for the fellowship. Please contact Ms. Deshaun Yarbrough for more information.