College-Level Graduate Admission Requirements

All graduate engineering applications will be submitted using EngineeringCAS, a centralized application service.

College-Level Graduate Admissions
Please read the following information regarding the mechanical engineering graduate program application process. If your question is not answered below, please email

Thank you for your interest in the graduate program of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Please understand that the information is the most current and correct information.

  • You will NOT get an ID at Texas A&M University until a decision is made on your application. Please do not expect one. Your entire process is done through EngineeringCAS. There is no need for you to have access to AIS, or any other system at Texas A&M until a decision is made.


  • You will apply using EngineeringCAS. You will be able to start uploading documents as soon as you start your application.
    • When you are looking for our applications please use the following filters:
      • Available programs
      • Institution
        • Texas A&M University
      • Available programs
      • Department/Subject Area
        • Engineering – Electrical and Electronic
          • Even for our Computer Engineering program
    • Do NOT submit your application until it is complete

  Unofficial transcripts and records

  • Upload unofficial copies of your transcripts to Engineering CAS. If you are admitted, you will need to provide official transcripts (not evaluations) to Texas A&M before you can register for classes.
    • Transcripts can be uploaded under
      • Program Materials
      • Documents
    • If your transcripts are not in English, you must provide the translation as well.
    • WES is NOT required
      • Please do NOT order a WES Evaluation, for this application. If you already have it, you may provide it, in addition to the actual transcript.
    • Please enter your GPA exactly as it is listed on your transcript. There is no need to convert it to a 4.0 scale.
    • Do not mail documents directly to ECEN.

Official test scores

  • The department prefers official scores. EngineeringCAS and the College of Engineering do not stress this. When applying to Electrical and Computer Engineering, please follow departmental preferences.
  • The GRE is required.
    • Use code 6003 for reporting GRE scores for non-engineering programs (Department code not needed). Use code 4119 for reporting GRE for engineering programs.
    • If you sent the scores to 6003, you do not need to resend them. If you have not already, please ensure your unofficial scores are listed on your application.
    • More information on sending your scores can be found on the Admissions website.
  • Applicants whose native languages are not English must fulfill an English proficiency requirement. Use code B887 to send your TOEFL scores.
    • If you sent the scores to 6003, you do not need to resend them. If you have not already, please make sure your unofficial scores are listed on your application.
    • No matter what you put for the department code, they all go to the same place.
  • IELTS Academic scores must be reported directly to Texas A&M University. Instructions for sending the IELTS only can be found on the Texas A&M Admissions website under Required Documents.

Develop a Statement of Purpose/Personal Statement that addresses the reasons you are pursuing a graduate degree in your field of interest, your background and your long-term goals. Mention what faculty member you may want to work with if applying for a Thesis/Research-oriented degree. Please try to limit this to no more than a page and a half.

Graduate applicants should provide three recommendations from individuals who are familiar with your academic achievements and potential. There is a minimum and maximum of three recommendations. You cannot submit more or less. These MUST be sent through the EngineeringCAS system, for them to be added to your application. No other letters will be accepted.

You will be required to pay the following fees:

  • Texas A&M application fee ($65 for domestic students, $90 for international)
  • EngineeringCAS application fee ($58)

Once you submit your application and pay the fee, you may no longer make changes to your application. We cannot delete files.

Technical questions about your application, such as: where to upload, how to upload, what a question means, should be directed to the EngineeringCAS help desk, through EngineeringCAS. The department does not know the answers to those questions.


            Domestic: October 1
            International: July 1

            Domestic: May 1 (see funding for additional deadlines)
            International: February 1 (no additional deadline for funding)



  • Electrical and Computer Engineering has a variety of fellowship opportunities available
    • Fellowships from other offices can be domestic only
    • Fellowships from the department can be for both international and domestic
  • Deadlines for the fellowship:
    • Domestic: January 1
    • International: February 1
    • To be considered for the Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Merit Fellowship please submit your Engineering CAS application no later than December 15th.
  • Upload a copy of your CV to Engineering CAS
  • The graduate admissions committee will prepare and submit your fellowship applications
  • Fellowships have a monthly stipend that can vary in amount, from $18,000 to $20,000 per year.
    • Many, but not all, have multiple-year offers
  • Tuition and fees are also covered
  • A few examples of this would be the Diversity Fellowship through the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies for MS with thesis and Ph.D. applicants, the Merit Fellowship through the College of Engineering and the ECEN Merit Fellowship for Ph.D. applicants

Research Assistantships:

  • The Graduate office does not have the resources to help you find an assistantship. You must reach out to faculty and see if they have funding. Please, only reach out to faculty members that you are genuinely interested in working with. Tell them what about their research you would like to learn more about. Make it a conversation. Do not just email and ask if they have funding.
  • Emailing a professor and not starting a conversation is a sure way to get your email deleted.
  • This is a monthly stipend and comes with in-state tuition, which saves an out-of-state or international student approximately $2,250 per semester that the assistantship is awarded.
    • Sometimes this also covers tuition and fees, this will be up to the professor granting the assistantship.

Teaching Assistantships:

  • Incoming domestic students may be contacted if they are offered one as part of the admission package.
  • For incoming international students, we do not provide teaching assistantships. You are encouraged to look into alternative means of funding for the first semester. There will be certain ELP requirements you must meet, then you will be eligible to apply for a teaching assistantship, starting with your second semester at Texas A&M. This is departmental policy.
  • This a monthly salary and comes with in-state tuition, which saves an out-of-state or international student approximately $2,250 per semester that the assistantship is awarded.
    • Tuition is sometimes covered with this as well.

Departmental Scholarship:

  • This is only available for Fall
  • A competitive $1,000 scholarship with the award split between Fall and Spring. This comes with in-state tuition, which saves an out-of-state or international student approximately $6,000 per semester that the scholarship is awarded.
  • For the first round, you will be contacted in March and April, if you are offered a scholarship. You will have 10 to 15 days to accept.
  • This is only open to incoming graduate students, during this period.
  • This is open to domestic and international students.
  • You will not be able to switch to a non-thesis/non-research program during your time at TAMU if you receive this award.
  • You may not have an RA, TA or Fellowship.
  • During August, the actual application on our website will open. Offers will go out the first week of classes.
  • This will be open to incoming and current graduate students
  • This is still open to domestic and international students
  • You must not have any other funding
  • You will not be able to switch to a non-thesis option during your time at TAMU if you receive this award.

Funding is not guaranteed.

Non-thesis/non-research degrees are always self-funded and not eligible for any departmental funding

You can research additional funding options through the Office of Graduate and Professional School.

More Information:

Please understand that all of this information is provided so that you can look into all of the aspects of our program. It is recommended that you look at our website and research the specific area that you are interested in. Pull up the faculty members that you are interested in working with and look at their CVs. Go to the main Texas A&M University website and do a search for the exact research you are interested in. This will often come up with the researchers, publications and groups they work with.

If your background is not in ECE, make sure to clearly indicate that in your application. IF you are admitted, you will need to reach out to the area you are admitted to, and ask them if you need to take any leveling courses. The Graduate Office can provide you with a general list, but the faculty in the area you are admitted to will be able to assist you with what classes you need to take.

Important contact information:

International Student Services
Office of Graduate and Professional Students
Estimated Tuition
Fees: Student Business Services billing and payments page

Career Center

You can find course lists and requirements in our handbook.