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Our distance learning programs offer the same level of education as our highly reputed on-campus programs. As an enrolled student, you will have access to class lecture notes, tutoring from well-qualified teaching assistants and relevant software tools. Our distance learning programs are as rigorous as the on-campus graduate programs.

  • The on-campus classes will be recorded daily and posted the same day on the course website.
  • As an enrolled student, you will deal with same set of assignments, laboratories and examinations.
  • You will receive the same set of assignments, laboratories and examinations as on-campus graduate students.

The offering of distance learning courses is not as complete as our on-campus programs yet. Please browse the available distance learning courses and find out if they are sufficient to cover the area of your interests.

Currently offering

Admission requirements

  • Bachelor of Science degree in the area of electrical engineering, computer engineering or other closely related fields.


  • We do not offer online leveling (undergraduate) courses that could enable students from other disciplines to succeed in the distance learning programs.
  • Since several courses require the use of proprietary software, the DL programs are currently intended for U.S. residents only; however, we expect to offer these programs to the international community in the near future.

You will apply using EngineeringCAS.


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