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A Master of Science (M.S.) provides students with a combination of coursework and research training. It is good for skill building and establishing technical leadership. Although most students feel they are required to receive an M.S. before applying to a Ph.D., this is not the case. In fact, students with an end goal of receiving a Ph.D. are encouraged to apply directly to the Ph.D. program at Texas A&M University. 

Requirements for the Master of Science

The Department of Biomedical Engineering offers a M.S. degree in which students complete a minimum of 32 hours* on their degree plans, of which 24 hours is formal coursework. As part of this research-based degree, students are required to write and defend their final thesis and have a committee of at least three graduate level faculty, one of whom will be the primary advisor. Students admitted into this program must have a bachelor’s degree in engineering or an equivalent field. (Leveling courses may be required.) The complete degree plan and requirements can be found in the below PDF.

*30 hours beyond B.S. for students entering fall 2022 and after