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32 hours beyond B.S.
*30 hours beyond B.S. for students entering fall 2022 and after*

  • 12 hrs – BMEN courses
    • May not use BMEN 685
  • 9 hrs – Electives
    • May use up to 3 hours of BMEN 685
    • May use BMEN or non-BMEN courses
    • May use up to 2 hours of BMEN 684
  • 3 hrs – BMEN 674 (Communications), Spring Only
  • 2 hrs – BMEN 681 (2 one hour seminars)
  • 6 hrs – BMEN 691 (Research)
  • Prereqs/Leveling Courses as required
Other Requirements:
  • Proposal
  • Final Exam
  • Thesis submission
  • Annual Evaluation due in April each year

Additional Degree Plan Information

  • May use up to 6 hours of upper-level undergraduate coursework on degree plan with approval of chair/committee.
  • Upper-level courses must come from a major that is outside of the student’s previous undergraduate (or master’s) level major.
  • Undergraduate coursework required for leveling may not be applied to a graduate degree plan.

Advisory Committee:

Three member minimum:
  • BMEN Faculty Advisor
  • BMEN Faculty
  • Faculty outside BMEN

Note: The hour requirements reflected in this degree plan represent the minimum departmental requirements. Students may elect to take more courses and/or the student’s committee or chair may require more hours than what is listed on the degree plan.