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Biomedical engineering at Texas A&M University has been a degree-granting program since 1972 and has been ABET-accredited since 1977. The department's undergraduate program is ranked 12th and the graduate program is ranked 18th among public institutions by U.S. News & World Report.
$23M in external research funding


26 faculty researchers Faculty directory

Faculty researchers on staff from 2021-2022

Student Enrollment

Enrollment (Fall 2022)
Student Level Number of Students
Undergraduate 493
Master's 52
Doctoral 114
Total Enrollment 659

Source: Texas A&M University Data and Research Services
As reported to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Degrees Awarded

Degrees Awarded (Fall 2021, Spring 2022 and Summer 2022)
Degree Level Number of Degrees Awarded
Bachelor's 149
Master's 30
Doctoral 18
Total Degrees Awarded 197
Source: Texas A&M University Data and Research Services


Undergraduate - 48% female, 27% minority
Graduate - 44% female, 15% minority


Our faculty members are involved in research from the macroscopic to the nanoscale in the areas of diagnostic and therapeutic systems, imaging systems, soft and hard tissue biomechanics, tissue characterizations, biomaterials used in the human body, orthopedic biomechanics, FDA regulatory practices, bioinstrumentation, measurement and analysis of human body signals, and analysis of the interaction between humans and medical devices. In addition, they have strong collaborations with medical and veterinary schools as well as various other departments throughout the university and around the world. 

Faculty (Fall 2021)
Tenure Status Number of Faculty
Tenured/Tenure-Track 26
Academic Professional Track 10
Total Faculty 36

Faculty Recognition

  • Five Endowed Professorships
  • 29 editorships and editorial board memberships
  • 12 Fellow grades in professional societies

Our research has resulted in new patents, new companies and new economic activity. With increasing demands for quality medical devices, procedures and improved cost-effectiveness, we are positioned to lead the way in the development, testing and commercialization of products, systems and technologies.
  • $23M in external research funding (FY2021)
  • 65 patents filed
  • 38 disclosures filed
  • 11 start-up companies created, including one exit through acquisition by Medtronic, Inc.
  • 12 Invention Disclosures submitted and 20 Patents issued (US and non-US combined)