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Doctoral student in a surgical suite

The Summer Enrichment Experience (SEE) provides undergraduates in biomedical engineering at Texas A&M University insight into practical applications of biomedical engineering in industry to enrich learning and explore career paths.

Companies interested in hosting a hybrid and/or in-person event will be welcome to do so. Opportunities to host a presentation, tour or demonstration for any topic or format are currently available and open to all undergraduate and graduate student participants. Anyone interested should contact Maria Lyons, program manager, at

Company-focused: share an overview of the organization, work, current roles and future job opportunities. This can serve as an early-stage recruitment presentation.

Job-focused: an individual or panel of presenters talk about the roles a biomedical engineer could play within a company and what a typical day is like.

Technical-focused: a more detailed in a specific area of emphasis and how the work may impact the future of biomedical engineering.

Soft skills-focused: help students prepare for life outside the classroom in areas such as resume writing, interview skills, salary negotiations and more.

Any in-person opportunities can also include a facilities tour and/or product demonstration, which are extremely valuable for students to experience!