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The Master of Science in safety engineering is administered in Texas A&M University's Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering.

The program objective is to teach the principles and practices of safety engineering for leadership careers in industry. The prerequisite for the Master of Science in safety engineering is a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

As with all Master of Science degrees requiring a thesis, a minimum of 32 semester credit hours of approved courses and research is required. This program consists of 15 hours of required coursework. The remaining 17 hours will consist of the allowed combination of 691 research, electives and internship hours as applicable. This degree also includes a thesis. This program includes extensive engineering applications with integration of safety principles, safety practices and case studies.

Interested students must apply online. On the application, the department should be listed as chemical engineering and the major indicated should be SENG. Admission into the safety engineering program is based on the admission requirements met by the student and the agreement of a faculty advisor. The faculty advisor can be from any engineering department. The degree plan is then approved in joint consultation between the faculty advisor and the center director.

Distance Learning Options

If you are interested in earning the Master of Science in safety engineering via distance learning, there are two options to pursue. The first is the thesis option, which is much like the on-campus instruction of the degree. The second is the non-thesis option, which includes a total of 36 semester credit hours in place of research and writing a thesis. The non-thesis option is available to distance learning students only.

Please visit the departmental page for more information.  

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