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Explore degrees available through the No. 1 online graduate program in Texas. Study online to earn the same quality degree as on campus.

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Get information on the application process and funding opportunities for undergraduate, graduate and transfer students.

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Get inspired by experiences and opportunities shared by fellow engineering students.

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Students and organizations can bring hands-on activities or design challenges to your location or just visit as guest speakers.



Will I be able to contact my instructors directly if I have any questions or concerns during my course?

Faculty at Texas A&M University design online courses so they have multiple ways to interact with their students. They're simply a message away. Instructors may also provide assistance through course discussions, virtual office hours, and feedback on assignments.

Will my diploma or transcript say "online" on it?

No. Each class you take online through Texas A&M gives you the same credit as a class another student would take on campus. We work hard to ensure students taking online classes and students on campus receive the same quality education. The only difference is the delivery method.

Do I need to be online at certain times for classes within my already busy schedule?

Generally, no. Most of what you will find online in your courses will be exercises and pre-recorded material that you can look through at your own pace. You may also have discussions, but most of those will not happen in real time. If you want to answer a classmate, you can do so at any time of the day or night.

There will be deadlines, but these should be given to you at the beginning of the term so you can plan ahead. Create a routine of checking in to your classes on a regular basis; this will better help you succeed.

Is an online degree cheaper than its on-campus version?

Getting your degree online can save you money in several different ways. Texas A&M works with distance education students to make sure you’re not paying for on-campus services you'd never use. For example, you would not be responsible for commuting and/or housing costs, the recreational sports fee, the student center complex fee or the health center fee.

You may be responsible for other costs such as the distance education fee and textbooks. Some expenses, like textbooks and tablets, may come with the cost of the program, though this really depends on the degree you choose.

To get a better idea of what you might pay per credit hour for an online engineering degree, check out our tuition calculator.

Will I have the same (or equivalent) resources for getting help that on-campus students could get?

Yes. Inside each course, you'll be provided links to various campus resources you may find useful during your studies at Texas A&M. Faculty put everything you'll need to be successful directly into the course, whether it's an article you should read, or links to the writing center or library databases you can go to for further information.

For 24/7 technical assistance, you can contact Help Desk Central.

Will I be able to get an Aggie ring while getting my degree online?

Yes! The degree you earn online is exactly the same as the degree a student gets when attending classes on campus. With that degree, you have access to all the benefits your fellow Aggies have, including the ring.

Will I need an expensive computer in order to take my classes online?

No. The beauty of taking online classes is that you can take them anywhere, any time. As long as you have access to a strong internet connection, you can "attend" class at home, your local coffee shop or your office (if permitted). Some programs even provide equipment for you and include it in the program cost. See our online graduate degree programs for specific details on what is provided.

Is this a real degree?

Yes! You will earn the same degree as an on-campus student, and your diploma (and transcript) will look identical to theirs. Your Texas A&M degree will give you everything that comes with it: the reputation, a tradition of academic excellence, the legacy, the Aggie alumni network and the ring.