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Public, private, not-for-profit and non-governmental organizations' dependence on cyber systems for the security, safety and privacy of the individuals they serve and the enterprises they operate increases as the digital age advances. 

As society becomes more and more connected, and as the smart systems continue to evolve, there is a clear need for engineers to develop a good understanding of cybersecurity principles. 

That's why the Texas A&M University College of Engineering is offering a Cybersecurity Certificate — to prepare engineers with the knowledge they need to maintain a safe, technologically-enhanced environment. 

The Cybersecurity Certificate is offered to graduate students. 

Cybersecurity Certificate Information

How to Apply

All applicants should apply to the Cybersecurity Certificate through EngineeringCAS.


For more information about the Cybersecurity Certificate, please contact:

Angie Dunn

  • Program Specialist IV, Department of Multidisciplinary Engineering
  • Interim Graduate Advisor, Department of Multidisciplinary Engineering
Angie Dunn