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The Petroleum Ventures Certificate sets Aggie petroleum engineers apart by giving them unparalleled exposure to business concepts, entrepreneurship, industry leaders, and case-based learning opportunities.

The certificate is available through the Graham Petroleum Ventures Program, which is set up in collaboration with the finance department of the Mays Business School. Here, petroleum engineering students work with business students to solve problems and study real-world energy companies. This interdisciplinary environment prepares participants for leadership and expanded technical roles within the industry.

Certificate holders are viewed as students committed to working hard to further their education and better themselves for integrated roles in the industry.

The Petroleum Ventures Certificate impacts the following student groups:

  • Undergraduate petroleum engineering and finance students who have a desire to work in energy finance or petroleum investment management.
  • Undergraduate petroleum engineering and finance students who have a goal of senior management of an oil and gas company and/or a goal of one day creating and managing their own energy company.
  • Undergraduate petroleum engineering and finance students who are seeking specialized training.


  1. Students must complete and submit a certificate application to the Graham Petroleum Ventures Program during the application process in the spring semester.
  2. Submitting an application is not a guarantee of acceptance — Graham Petroleum Ventures Program board members consider all applications through an interview process.


  1. Students must have a good academic standing within their major department.
  2. Students must submit a request to be registered for business electives.
  3. All elective course exceptions require degree clearance by the major’s undergraduate director.

Courses and Electives

For an updated list of the required courses and prescribed electives, please see the petroleum certificate requirements information listed in the undergraduate catalog.

Certificate Application and Completion Form

Applications are accepted in the spring during the deadlines listed on the application form.

For More Information

Cathy Sliva

  • Associate Professor of Practice, Petroleum Engineering
  • Director, Undergraduate Advising, Petroleum Engineering
Cathy Sliva