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Engineering students in the Engineering Academy program:

  • Are required to meet the Texas A&M University College of Engineering Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. Detailed information can be found on the BYOD website.
  • Enroll in a minimum of 12 credit hours each fall and spring semester. Two to three credit hours are Texas A&M engineering courses taught by College of Engineering faculty on the Houston Community College campus. The remaining credit hours will be offered through HCC. The math, science and engineering courses are arranged in a cohort format. Students in the Engineering Academy are required to register for the cohort courses.
Example First Year Schedule (Students Starting in Calculus I and Above)
Fall Spring
HCC: Math Course (4 Credits) HCC: Math Course (4 Credits)
HCC: Science Course (4 Credits) HCC: Science Course (4 Credits)
HCC: Core Curriculum (3 Credits) HCC: Core Curriculum (3 Credits)
Texas A&M: ENGR 102 (2 Credits) Texas A&M: ENGR 216 (2 Credits)
Texas A&M: CLEN 181 (0 Credits)
  • May enroll in a total of six credit hours through Texas A&M and a total of six credit hours through HCC during the summer.
  • Who drop to zero hours at Texas A&M are withdrawn and forfeit all Texas A&M student privileges for the remainder of the term (i.e., use of campus support services, student discounts, sports tickets, etc.). Unless otherwise prohibited, students may continue in the academy the subsequent semester pending Texas A&M course availability and prerequisites.
  • Work with HCC advisors and Texas A&M engineering advisors to enroll in courses appropriate for the student’s preferred major at Texas A&M. Other courses may not be counted toward meeting the minimum required hours.
  • Must complete the required calculus sequence through HCC for the engineering major to which they’re admitted prior to beginning full-time enrollment at Texas A&M.
  • Who transition full time to Texas A&M prior to completion of their associate degree, must apply (upon eligibility) for reverse articulation to receive their associate degree from HCC.

GPA Calculation

Texas A&M will calculate the CGPA at each institution based on the courses taken by the student at that institution. Grades for all transferable courses earned at each institution will be used in the computation of the CGPA for that institution including failing and incomplete grades and repeated courses.

Note that any transferable credits earned through institutions other than HCC or Texas A&M prior to entry into the program will count toward the HCC credit requirement only; grades received for these credits will not count toward the HCC CGPA requirement. Once a student has entered the program, all credits must be earned at Texas A&M and HCC if they are to be used to satisfy program completion requirements. Any credit by examination received through Texas A&M before the start of the program will count toward the HCC credit requirement.

Removal from the Texas A&M Engineering Academy at Houston Community College

An engineering student removed from the Engineering Academy program for either academic or disciplinary reasons will not be allowed to continue enrollment nor be guaranteed admission to Texas A&M. Continued enrollment at HCC will be at the discretion of HCC officials.

Pathways to full admission to a degree-granting major in the College of Engineering

Entry to a Major: The primary pathway to a degree-granting major in the College of Engineering is the entry-to-a-major process. Engineering students in the Engineering Academy program are strongly encouraged to apply to a degree-granting major as early as possible upon meeting the following two eligibility requirements:

  1. Must be in good academic standing in the Engineering Academy program, which implies a CGPA of at least 2.0 at TAMU and 2.5 at the partner community college, and
  2. Complete at least two math, two science and two engineering courses.

Students who complete the required coursework and earn a 3.75 CGPA or higher at each institution are guaranteed entry to the first choice engineering major at the end of their first year. Detailed information can be found on the Engineering Academy Entry to a Major website

Upon entry to a degree-granting major in the College of Engineering, an engineering student in the Engineering Academy program may choose to remain co-enrolled at HCC until the completion of the two-year program or decide to attend Texas A&M University full time and use reverse articulation to complete the two-year degree. Engineering students remaining at the two-year institutions after being granted entry to a major will be advised by the advisor in the degree-granting major as well as the engineering academy advisor.

Program Completion: Engineering students in the Engineering Academy program who do not meet the entry-to-a-major application requirements can still secure full admission to Texas A&M by satisfying program completion requirements. In particular, students must meet the following requirements by the end of the first summer session following the second year of enrollment in the Engineering Academy program:

  • completion of at least 50 transferable hours from HCC with a minimum CGPA of 2.5
  • completion of at least nine hours of engineering coursework from Texas A&M with a minimum CGPA of 2.5

Upon successful completion, students can apply for a change of curriculum into a degree-granting major at Texas A&M. Advisors for the Engineering Academy program will help engineering students identify majors in or outside the College of Engineering that are suitable for their academic goals and CGPA competitiveness.