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The Virtual Project Showcase (VPS) has been designed to showcase the innovative skills of Texas A&M engineering students to industries across the nation. All engineering students working on team projects including senior capstone design, design competitions, entrepreneurship, and research are eligible to participate and win cash prizes. Each team submits a 5min to 10 min video on their project which addresses the problem being solved, proposed solution supported by analysis or data, and expected impact of the solution.  Industry representatives across various industry sectors judge the videos.

2022 winners: 

  • Overall Virtual Project Showcase Award 
    • Custom Fabricators and Repairs (Industrial and Systems Engineering)
  • Top Teams in ECEN 
    • 1st Place - LoRa Mesh Network for Agriculture IoT Data
    • 2nd Place - Aggie Map Navigation Helper
    • 3rd Place - NCID Defender
  • Top Teams in ISEN 
    • 1st Place - Urban Turbine Wind Competition - Phase I
    • 2nd Place - Blaze Equipment - Kelly Bar Repair Method
    • 3rd Place - Nurse Orientation Time - Saint Elizabeth Ministry
  • Top Teams in MEEN 
    • 1st Place - Thermodynamics Classroom Demonstrator 
    • 2nd Place - Extendable LiDAR Truck Mount
    • 3rd Place - Dynamic Art Display
  • Best Team in Energy Sector
    • Urban Turbine Wind Competition - Phase I (Industrial and Systems Engineering)
  • Best Team in Health Sector (Tie)
    • Nurse Orientation Time - Saint Elizabeth Ministry (Industrial and Systems Engineering)
    • Medical Specimen Transport Cooler (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
  • Best Team in Manufacturing Sector
    • Blaze Equipment - Kelly Bar Repair Method (Industrial and Systems Engineering)

2019 winners: