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What are peer tutors?

Peer tutors are undergraduate students hired and trained by the Academic Success Center to help engineering students with their first-year physics, chemistry, and engineering courses. They aim to support and guide the academic efforts of students during their transition from high school to college.

When and where can I get help?

Peer tutors are available by appointment to meet online, in Evans Library (1st Floor), and in the Leach Learning Resource Center (ZACH 282M and 282P). Assistance is available in two formats: one-on-one tutoring sessions and small group tutoring sessions. Visit the ASC’s Tutoring website for instructions on how to reserve a tutoring appointment in Navigate. If you choose not to reserve a tutoring appointment, drop-in tutoring is available in Evans Library (1st Floor, Whitley Suite), Monday through Thursday from 1-7 p.m.

Tutoring By Appointment

Location: Leach Learning Resource Center (ZACH 282M and 282P); Evans Library (1st Floor); additionally, select services are offered online via Zoom
Monday - Thursday, January 22 through April 30
Time: By appointment between 1-9 p.m.; refer to ASC's Tutoring website for instructions on how to book your appointment in Navigate.

Drop-In Tutoring

Location: Evans Library (1st Floor, Whitley Suite)
Monday-Thursday, January 22 through April 30
Time: 1-7 p.m.

Additional Support Beyond Peer Tutoring

The College of Engineering also partners with the Math Learning Center to provide students with academic support for math. For dates, times, locations, and a comprehensive list of services, visit our academic support services webpage.