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ENGR 461/MTDE 651 - Mission Driven Innovation - Lean Launch for Engineers

TR 2:20 - 4 p.m. | ZACH 260 | Chris Finberg
Get ready to apply lean startup principles to pursue innovations based on actual problems and need statements from large organizations. By working closely with your champion and sponsor within the organization, you will take an entrepreneurial approach to addressing and solving their unique problem statement. We will be using the Mission Model Canvas (a cousin of the Business Model Canvas), to develop your skills in customer discovery, problem-solution fit, value proposition creation & alignment, buy-in & support, key activities & resources, budget & cost, mission achievement/impact, along with communication training. One of the final deliverables of the class is developing a minimum viable product (MVP) that will support the mission of addressing the needs of stakeholders you identified during the semester.  (Required Course for the C3 Certificate)


  • ENGR 461 – junior or senior classification in the College of Engineering
  • MTDE 651 – graduate student classification in the College of Engineering
  • Unless waived by the instructor

ENGR 461/MTDE 651 - Product Lean Launch: Bring Your Own Idea

TR 2:20 - 4 p.m. | ZACH 362 | Chris Curran
Explore an exciting journey of creating an engineering-driven business concept, all while embracing the dynamic Lean Startup methodology! Imagine engaging directly with customers, and sculpting a unique value proposition that stands out. Picture yourself mastering the art of persuasion and communication, which is essential for any entrepreneurial business person. Get ready to bring your Lean Canvas to life and fashion a streamlined, yet impactful minimal viable product that embodies your own groundbreaking business concept.

Required Course for the C3 Certificate

MTDE 252/ENGR 462/MTDE 652 - Engineering Entrepreneurship Hour

T 3:55-4:55 p.m. | HEB 110 | Shayla Rivera
Engaging students with successful technology entrepreneurs from across the nation; learning about the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and their strategies in launching and sustaining businesses on technology innovation; networking with highly successful entrepreneurs and developing relations valuable to professional careers.

Required Course for the C3 Certificate

ENGR 312/MTDE 612 - Sales, Operations and Manufacturing for Technology Companies

TR 9:35 - 10:50 a.m. | ZACH 361 | Paul Deere
Challenges faced in a start-up entity with respect to product manufacturing, operations and supply chain management, product pricing strategies, and sales and marketing; focus on small start-up to young mid-size enterprises.

ITDE 489/ MTDE 689 - Startup Fundamentals 101 - Launching, Growing, & Exiting a Startup Company

TR 11:10 am - 12:25 p.m. | ZACH 596 | Paul Deere
Gear up for an exhilarating entrepreneurial journey! This course is your ticket to unlocking the core skills, experience, and training required to startup success. It will be broken down into three sections. The first section, Launch, will explore ideation, customer discovery, legal entities and funding options for startups. The second section will consider techniques for growing the startup including branding, sales, transitioning from prototypes to production, human resources and organization design, and its operations. The third section explores exit opportunities, such as understanding financials and company evaluations, developing negotiating skills, and exit options including, a strategic buyout, IPO, liquidation and bankruptcy.

ENGR 311/MTDE 611 - Enterprise Basics for Technical Entrepreneurs

TR 8-9:15 a.m. | ZACH 361 | Jim Donnell; Fred Pifano 
Aspects of entrepreneurship for a technical enterprise; elements of business including idea generation, startup financing, staffing, product design and production, marketing and selling a product.; focus on the front end of the venture; product design and development, financing, identifying and attracting key personnel, and starting up a company.

PETE 453 - Petroleum Entrepreneurship

TR 2:20 - 3:35 p.m. | RICH 313  | Jim Donnell / Cathy Sliva
Traverse various aspects of entrepreneurship with a focus on petroleum asset valuation and prospect analysis in the energy sector; exposure to all aspects of the journey including business idea generation, raising early-stage capital, staffing the enterprise, developing the business plan, and selling the concept to investors.

Students working on the C3 certificate can also include other elective courses. More information about the C3 certificate is available here.