In our efforts to promote innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset among students at Texas A&M University, the office of Engineering Academic and Student Affairs (EASA) launched Aggies Invent – a 48-hour challenge held at the SuSu and Mark A. Fischer ’72 Engineering Design Center throughout the year. The format of the event is to engage about 70 students in hands-on projects that will push their innovation. The concept is to gather interested students, seed the event with potential needs (medical, energy or others), allow the students to self-select teams, give them access and support at the design center, and have them attack the ideas to create prototypes in 48 hours. EASA has designed each event in collaboration with industry and faculty.

The end goal is to enable students to push their innovation/creativity, compete for the best design, gain practice with rapid prototyping tools, and encourage the best teams to use their designs as a jumpstart for forming startups. At the end of the 48-hour event, student teams have developed a product/solution and are encouraged to pursue that further and explore commercialization.

We invite faculty and staff interested to join us in the development and implementation of the event. If you are interested but unable to participate, please send us your input on potential enabling technologies, sensors, open source solutions that could be targeted for this event for a greater impact to our students.

For more information on Aggies Invent, feel free to contact us at