• Assistant Professor
Thomas D. Seers

Educational Background

  • Doctor of Philosophy, computational geosciences, University of Manchester
  • Bachelor of Science, geology and geography, University of Manchester

Research Interests

    • Computational geosciences
    • Utilization of multimodal and multiscale 3D imaging towards the characterization and modeling of naturally fractured reservoirs
    • Use of 4D X-ray tomography (synchrotron source and lab based sources) to reveal the mechanics of multiphase flow and deformation at the pore-scale within faulted and heterogeneous reservoir rocks
    • Application of close-range remote sensing techniques (unmanned aerial vehicle and terrestrial lidar 3D imaging platforms) towards the characterization and modeling naturally fractured reservoirs of the Middle East (digital outcrop analogues)
    • Hybrid geomechanical - quasi-genetic modeling of natural fractures and discontinuities within structurally complex hydrocarbon reservoirs