• Professor
  • Holder of Robert L. Whiting Chair in Petroleum Engineering
Peter Valkó

Educational Background

  • Doctor of Philosophy equivalent, candidate of sciences, Institute of Catalysis, Novosibirsk - 1981
  • Master of Science equivalent, doctor technicus applied mathematics, Veszprem University, Hungary - 1975
  • Bachelor of Science equivalent, chemical engineering, Veszprem University, Hungary - 1973

Research Interests

    • Performance of stimulated wells
    • Design and analysis of hydraulic fracturing treatments
    • Numerical inversion of the Laplace transform

Selected Publications

  • Spivey, J.P., Valkó, P.P., and William. D. McCain, Jr. 2007. Applications of the Coefficient of Isothermal Compressibility to Various Reservoir Situations With New Correlations for Each Situation, SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering.
  • Ilk, D., Valkó, P.P., and Blasingame, T.A. 2006. Deconvolution of Variable-Rate Reservoir-Performance Data Using B-Splines, SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering, vol 9, pp 582-595.
  • Ibragimov, A., Khalmanova, D., Valkó, P.P., Walton, J.R. 2005. On a mathematical model of the productivity index of a well from reservoir engineering, SIAM J. Appl. Math, Vol 65 (Iss 6); pp 1952-1980.
  • Yi, X., Valkó, P.P., Russell, J. 2005. Effect of Rock Strength Criterion on the Predicted Onset of Sand Production, Int. J. Geomechanics, Vol 5 (Iss 1); pp 66-73.
  • Valkó, P.P. 2005. Solution of the Graetz-Brinkman problem with the Laplace transform Galerkin method, Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer, Vol. 48 (Iss. 9); pp. 1874-1882.