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12 faculty members in the department were recently recognized among the top 2% in their field for single-year impact in 2020, according to Elsevier. | Image: Texas A&M Engineering

According to a list published by Elsevier, a global leader in information and analytics, 12 faculty members from the Zachry Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Texas A&M University were among the top 2% in their field for single-year impact in 2020.

Elsevier created the publicly available database of top scientists that provides standardized information on citations. These metrics measure productivity and citation impact, co-authorship, citations to papers in different authorship positions and a composite indicator. Separate data are shown for career-long and single-year impacts.

The study “August 2021 data-update for ‘Updated science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators,’” is based on a “snapshot” of career-long research productivity as of Aug. 1.

The civil and environmental engineering faculty that made the list include:

Dr. Jean-Louis Briaud
Dr. Jean-Louis Briaud is a professor, Spencer J. Buchanan Chair Professor, Regents Fellow, director of the National Geotechnical Experiment Site and past president of the American Society of Civil Engineers. His research interests include soil mechanics, retaining walls, slope stability, pavements, geoenvironmental engineering, field testing, bridge scour and expansive clays. 

Dr. Jeffrey Bullard
Dr. Jeffrey Bullard is a professor with research interests that include cement chemistry, mineral dissolution and growth kinetics, computational modeling of microstructure, sintering and grain growth, and granular media shape analysis. 

Dr. Shankar Chellam
Dr. Shankar Chellam is a professor and A.P. & Florence Wiley Professor III. His research focus is drinking water purification, membrane processes, desalination, electrocoagulation, treatment of hydraulic fracturing wastewater, virus removal and inactivation, trace metals in the atmosphere and long-range transport of aerosols. 

Dr. Yong-Rak Kim
Dr. Yong-Rak Kim is a professor with a research focus on the engineering of infrastructure materials, multiscale modeling and characterization, constitutive modeling of materials, viscoelasticity of solids and fracture, damage and durability.

Dr. Dallas Little
Dr. Dallas Little is a professor, Snead Chair Professor, Regents Professor and University Distinguished Professor. His research interests include material science and engineering, asphalt technology, pavement design, soil stabilization, fracture mechanics, soil mechanics and foundation engineering. 

Dr. Dominque Lord
Dr. Dominque Lord is a professor and A.P. Wiley Faculty Fellow. His research focuses on fundamental work in traffic safety, statistical modeling, evaluation of countermeasures, crash risk, human factors, transportation policy and crash data analysis.

Dr. Robert Lytton
Dr. Robert Lytton recently retired as professor and Benson Chair Professor. His research interests include expansive clay theory and design, soil mechanics and dynamics, soil-structure interaction, continuum mechanics, fracture mechanics, pavement analysis, design and management and nondestructive testing. 

Dr. Xingmao ‘Samuel’ Ma
Dr. Xingmao “Samuel” Ma is an associate professor, and his research focuses on environmental health and safety of engineered nanomaterials, biogeochemistry of emerging contaminants, phytoremediation, ecosystem restoration and water reuse. 

Dr. John Mander
Dr. John Mander is a professor and Zachry Professor in Design and Construction Integration I. His research interests include reinforced, pre-stressed and structural concrete, earthquake engineering and structure dynamics, blast resistant design, bridge engineering, hazard analysis and financial loss estimation and mitigation, railroad engineering and construction, and design integration. 

Dr. Ali Mostafavi
Dr. Ali Mostafavi is the Zachry Career Development Associate Professor. His research focuses on urban resilience, network and complex systems, urban computing, disaster informatics and applied artificial intelligence. 

Dr. Anand Puppala
Dr. Anand Puppala is a professor, holder of the A.P. and Florence Wiley Chair and interim director of the Center for Infrastructure Renewal. His research interests include expansive and unsaturated soils, ground modification, recycled waste materials, sustainability in geotechnical engineering, in situ and nondestructive soil testing, and pavement geotechnics and site characterization. 

Dr. Qi Ying
Dr. Qi Ying is an associate professor with research focusing on atmospheric physics and chemistry, urban and regional scale air quality modeling, aerosol source apportionment, emission control strategies and atmospheric radiative transfer.