The purpose of the Engineering Faculty Advisory Council EFAC is to:

  1. Generate and develop broad ideas for the improvement and ultimate development of the College of Engineering and to suggest policies that will enable the College of Engineering to better serve the educational needs of the people of Texas, and to
  2. Advise the Dean of Engineering on matters of basic importance to the Engineering Faculty as a body.

The committee includes a faculty member from each of the departments in the college of engineering. The representative is elected by their department's faculty every 3 years. The EFAC committee meets with the Dean of Engineering once per month during the academic year. Each representative serves as a liaison between his/her department's faculty and the committee and is responsible for conveying concerns and suggestions to the committee, which in turn discusses these issues with the Dean. COE faculty are welcome to attend EFAC meetings but must convey their concerns or suggestions through their department representative or the EFAC chairperson.