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Department-Level Admissions and Program Inquiries

If you are seeking admission into one of our graduate programs, have questions about our department’s admission and program requirements or want to learn more about the degrees we offer, please click on one of the following links.

If you cannot find the answer to your question through any of these resources, you can email for questions regarding the programs we offer or about our department-level requirements. One of our graduate program staff members will get back to you within 1-3 business days. Please note that our graduate program staff members cannot answer any questions regarding your I-20, VISA or other international student questions regarding the U.S. immigration system, policies or regulations. Please contact International Students Services for these questions. See the links below.

Email: or Call: +1 (979) 845-1824

Join: A Virtual Drop-In Advising or Setup: A Virtual Advising Appointment

Currently Enrolled Students

The graduate academic advisor is the point of contact within the department for submitting paperwork associated with the graduate degree program, including degree plans, petitions, Q-drop forms, Doctor of Philosophy qualifying exams notifications and thesis defense forms.

The chair and faculty advisor for ALL master’s students is our Associate Department Head of Graduate Affairs Dr. Joe Geunes. All master’s students should add Geunes as their chair when completing their degree plan.

The faculty advisor (chair) for each Ph.D. student will be determined during the admissions process. Ph.D. students are required to form an advisory committee that will supervise the student’s academic progress and thesis work. The student’s faculty advisor (chair) will help the student select and form his or her advisory committee. The student’s faculty advisor (chair) will make recommendations to the graduate academic advisor (graduate staff) regarding degree plans, petitions and defense results.

Ph.D. students should consult their advisory committee, especially the committee chair, before turning to the graduate advisor with questions.

Joe Geunes

  • Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering
  • Marilyn and L. David Black Faculty Fellowship, Industrial & Systems Engineering
  • Director of External Education Programs
  • Associate Department Head for Graduate Affairs, Industrial & Systems Engineering
Joe Geunes

Current graduate students in on-campus programs with last names starting with letters A-M contact:

Kerra Clement

  • Graduate Academic Advisor III
Kerra Clement

Current graduate students in on-campus programs with last names starting with letters N-Z contact:

Victoria Aregullin

  • Graduate Academic Advisor II
Victoria Aregullin