• Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering
  • Director of External Education Programs
Joe Geunes

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Business Administration (Management Science) & Operations Research, The Pennsylvania State University - 1999
  • M.B.A., The Pennsylvania State University - 1993
  • B.S., Electrical Engineering, Drexel University - 1990

Research Interests

    • Production and logistics planning, supply chain management, and operations research

Awards & Honors

  • Fellow Award, Institute of Industrial Engineers - 2015
  • Best Application Paper, 2018 IISE Transactions Focus Issue on Scheduling and Logistics for Heuristic Algorithms for "Inventory Replenishment with Perishable Products and Multiple Transportation Modes" (by G. Palak, S. Eksioglu, J. Geunes)
  • Best Paper Award, Production Planning and Scheduling Track, 2013 Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference, for "Using Quantity Discounts to Improve Coordination in a Two-Level Supply Chain," (by J. Ma, J. Geunes, Y. Guan)
  • Best Paper Award, Operations Research Track, 2011 Industrial Engineering Research Conference, for "Optimizing Exclusivity Agreements in a Three-Stage Procurement Game," (by M. Prince, J. Geunes, J.C. Smith)

Selected Publications

  • Mohammadivojdan, R., Y. Merzifonluo─člu, J. Geunes. 2021. Procurement Portfolio Planning for a Newsvendor with Supplier Delivery Uncertainty. Forthcoming in the European Journal of Operational Research.
  • Merzifonluo─člu, Y., J. Geunes. 2020. The Risk-Averse Static Stochastic Knapsack Problem. Forthcoming in INFORMS Journal on Computing.
  • Geunes, J., Y. Su. 2020. Single-Period Assortment and Stock-Level Decisions for Dual Sales Channels with Capacity Limits and Uncertain Demand. International Journal of Production Research 58(18), 5579-5600.
  • Palak, G., S. Eksioglu, J. Geunes. 2018. Heuristic Algorithms for Inventory Replenishment with Perishable Products and Multiple Transportation Modes. IISE Transactions 50(4), 345-365.
  • Teksan, Z.M., J. Geunes. 2016. Production Planning with Price-Dependent Supply Capacity. IIE Transactions 48(10), 938-954.
  • Teksan, Z.M., J. Geunes. 2015. A Polynomial Time Algorithm for Convex Cost Lot Sizing Problems. Operations Research Letters 43(4), 359-364.
  • Feng, T., J. Geunes. 2014. Speculation in a Two-stage Supply Chain. IIE Transactions 46(12), 1315-1328.
  • Rainwater, C., J. Geunes, H.E. Romeijn. 2014. Resource Constrained Assignment Problems with Shared Resource Consumption and Flexible Demand. INFORMS Journal on Computing 26(2), 290-302.