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See information about Texas A&M University’s Master of Science in industrial engineering with a manufacturing specialization.

Course Structure

Nine industrial and systems engineering (ISEN) credit hours are required for this track, plus 21 credit hours of electives.

Required Courses (nine hours total)

Choose three:

  • ISEN 615
  • ISEN 616
  • ISEN 617
  • ISEN 645
  • ISEN 654
  • ISEN 658

Electives (21 hours)

Twenty one hours of electives are required. A maximum of three non-ISEN courses can be taken as electives.

Thesis Option

The thesis option requires at least 30 credit hours which include and require three to six hours of ISEN 691. If a student wishes to take ISEN 681 (this is optional), the student can only take zero to three hours of ISEN 681. The combination of ISEN 681 and ISEN 691 cannot exceed six hours. 

Non-Thesis Option

Non-thesis students are not allowed to take ISEN 691. Non-Thesis students are not required to take ISEN 681. But if a non-thesis student chooses to take ISEN 681, it will not count toward their degree. Non-thesis students have the option to take ISEN 685, but they cannot exceed three hours of ISEN 685.