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Female MSET student working in a lab

ETID undergraduates majoring in MMET, MXET, or ESET have the option to apply for the MSET Fast Track 4+1 option. Students approved for the fast track option can take up to 9 credit hours of graduate coursework during their undergraduate degree, shortening their time to degree for the Master of Science in Engineering Technology. Admission to the Fast Track program does not guarantee admission to the full graduate program.

Students should apply to the Fast Track program during the second semester of their junior year, or in their third to last semester.


Fall: August 1st

Spring: November 25th

Students admitted to the Fast Track program will apply to the graduate program for full admission during their final undergraduate semester. See the Master of Science in Engineering Technology page for more information about this application process.

Fast Track Course Options

Fast Track students can take “stacked” courses and receive credit for both the graduate course and the undergraduate equivalent. Students taking “stacked” courses for graduate and undergraduate credit are required to meet any standards set by the instructor to receive undergraduate credit by exam. “Stacked” courses are:

  • ESET 453 / ENTC 653
  • ESET 462 / ENTC 662
  • MMET 463 / ENTC 663
  • MXET 400/600
  • ESET 415/615

*Note: ENTC 612 is not a stacked course, but MMET fast track students can register in it and get credit by exam for MMET 412.

Courses that do not have an undergraduate equivalent can only count toward the graduate degree and cannot be used as undergraduate elective credit.

See an undergraduate advisor to select your Fast Track courses.


  • 3.0 or higher GPA
  • Must be within 30 credit hours of graduation
  • Cover letter stating your career goals and intention to join the graduate program.
  • Letter of support from ETID Faculty
  • Unofficial Transcript
  • Meet with ETID undergraduate advisor
  • Degree Plan with intended “stacked” or other courses listed
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Graduate Advisor

Irina Shatruk

  • Academic Advisor IV, Engineering Technology & Industrial Distribution
Irina Shatruk

Undergraduate Advisors

Bianca Cerda-Rodriguez

  • Advising Coordinator, Engineering Technology & Industrial Distribution
Bianca Cerda-Rodriguez

Tatiana Chasnyk

  • Academic Advisor II, Engineering Technology & Industrial Distribution
Tatiana Chasnyk