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The Master of Science in Engineering Technology (MSET) is a 3-semester resident program with a 30 credit-hour curriculum offering a thesis option. It provides advanced application‐oriented education in engineering that addresses a need for a workforce with advanced technical talent. The MSET program focuses on critical technologies in the fields of manufacturing and mechanical engineering, electronic systems and mechatronics. The program is suitable for students with backgrounds in STEM-related fields.

If you are a domestic student applying for the fall 2021 application cycle, please email before completing and paying for your application fees.

Spring 2021 MSET Information Sessions

All sessions begin at 6pm (CST) via Zoom.

February 10
Zoom ID: 920 4047 7014

March 10
Zoom ID: 966 7906 6903

April 14
Zoom ID: 951 3925 6116

May 12
Zoom ID: 949 6030 7278

Contact for more information.

Current Program Requirements

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Program Outline

  • Resident program
  • Duration:
    • 3 full semesters
    • Fast Track Program: B.S. Degree +1 Year possible
  • 30 credit hours
    • 6 credits of required courses
    • 15 credits of elective courses (at least 12 from ETID)
    • 6 credits of project or thesis work
    • 3 credits of seminar
  • May include one 4xx class


Year 1 Fall Semester

  • Required courses - 6 credit hours
  • Prescribed Electives - 3 credit hours
  • Other (Seminar) - 1 credit hour

Year 1 Spring Semester

  • Prescribed Electives - 6 credit hours
  • Thesis/Project - 3 credit hours
  • Other (Seminar) - 1 credit hour

Year 2 Fall Semester

  • Prescribed Electives - 3 credit hours
  • Elective - 3 credit hours
  • Thesis/Project - 3 credit hours
  • Other (Seminar) - 1 credit hour

How does the 4+1 option work?

ETID undergraduates majoring in MMET, MXET, or ESET have the option to apply for the MSET Fast Track 4+1 option. Students approved for the fast track option can take up to 9 credit hours of graduate coursework during their undergraduate degree, shortening their time to degree for the Master of Science in Engineering Technology.

Fast Track Details and Application

Sample Courses

MMET 629

Technical project supervision and personnel

MMET 641

Data Analysis, Simulation & Experimental Methods for Industry

MMET 661

Product & System Lifecycle Management

MMET 651

Advanced Materials, Selection & Analysis/Testing

MMET 652

Advanced Manufacturing Processes & Systems

MMET 610

Cyber-Enabled Manufacturing

MMET 612

Manufacturing supply-chain capability management

MMET 643

Machine Elements in Mechanical Design Applications

ESET 611

Industrial Internet of Things

ESET 621

Internet of Things Regulatory Processes

ESET 631

Internet of Things applications in Biomedical

ESET 612

Product and System Development as applied to IoT

ESET 633

Advanced Wireless Instrumentation and Control

ESET 644

Embedded Intelligent System Design

MXET 635

Advanced Applied Dynamics for Mechatronic Systems

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I get my application fees waived?

A: If you are a domestic student applying for the fall 2021 application cycle, please email to see your eligibility about getting your application fees waived. 

Q: I have been accepted to the MSET program, but I need to delay my start date by a semester. Will I need to reapply to the program?

A: With the approval of the degree granting unit providing admission, admission to graduate studies normally remains valid for one year from the term of acceptance. Admission deferral requests must be made before the start of the term of the original application. An extension to the one-year time limit may be granted, if requested by the applicant in writing and approved by the degree granting unit.

Q: I want to start working towards my Professional Engineering License. Will any of the master’s credit hours count towards licensing?

A: By completing the MSET degree, you will receive credit for 1 year towards your Professional Board of Engineers Licensing Requirements.

Q: Does MSET offer a Fast Track program (4+1 degree plan)?

A: Undergraduates can take graduate courses that count towards BOTH undergrad and graduate degree plans. The ETID Graduate Committee specifies which courses are “stacked” for undergrad and graduate credit (typically 400-level). Students take the grad course and get “credit by exam” for the undergrad course. Fast Track participants need undergraduate program approval to participate (e.g. minimum GPA requirements.

Q: Is there any financial support available through the department?

A: Once a graduate student, you are eligible to compete for graduate assistant teacher (GAT) or graduate assistant researcher (GAR) appointments, which provide the following (subject to student’s skills and availability of funds):

  • A monthly stipend of around $2,000 / month
  • Tuition
  • Health insurance

Contact an Advisor

Micah Jackman

  • Academic Advisor III
Micah Jackman