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Apply for the Technical Sales Minor

Even the best-engineered products, services, and solutions don’t sell themselves. Success requires skilled professionals to translate technical details into the business language of their customers.

Mastering these skills reaps substantial rewards. Consider the following statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2023:

  • Industrial technical salespeople sell goods through distribution channels to businesses and other organizations and earn a median pay of $97,710.
  • Sales engineers sell complex scientific and technological solutions to businesses and earn a median pay of $108,530.
  • Sales managers oversee and direct teams of salespeople and earn a median pay of $130,600.

These roles require ambitious people who possess both “hard skills” (e.g., technical knowledge, analytic competence) and “soft skills” (e.g., social skills, clear communication).

The Technical Sales Minor focuses on developing these critical skills. Students interested in a Technical Sales minor should see an advisor in Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution for more information.

For more information, contact

Program Requirements

Course Number Course Title Hours
IDIS 240 Introduction to Industrial Distribution 3
IDIS 330 Sales Engineering 4
IDIS 340 or IDIS 344 Manufacturer Distributor Relations (340) or Distributor Information and Control Systems (344) 3
IDIS 371 Industrial Distribution Technical Sales Seminar 1
IDIS 433 Industrial Sales Force Development 3
IDIS 471 Industrial Business to Business Marketing 3

*Courses subject to change.