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A minimum of 30 semester credit hours of approved courses is required for the Master of Engineering degree.

  • A minimum of 27 classroom hours (excludes 681, 684, 685).
    • Classroom hours must be taken from courses within the College of Engineering and College of Science.
    • At least 18 classroom hours must be ECEN courses.
  • Transfer hours allowed from another institution (6)
    • Transfer hours must be from a "peer institution."
    • Transfer hours are subject to the approval of the GSC.
  • Undergraduate hours allowed (2 courses or 8 hours)
    • Only 400 level undergraduate courses can be included on degree plan.
  • Seminar (681), Internship (684), Directed Studies (685) hours allowed (3)
    • Research (691) hours are not allowed on an MEN degree plan.
  • A final project report is required to be submitted to the Graduate Office. A graded project report from any ECEN graduate course can be used to fulfill this requirement.
  • Composition of supervisory committee
    • The Graduate Coordinator will be the chair of all MEN committees. No other committee members are needed.

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