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Note: The following procedures are only a guideline. If you have never traveled under Texas A&M University auspice before, please contact the Travel Coordinator in room 322 Teague for answers regarding your particular travel circumstances.

Prior to trip

  1. Complete a Texas A&M Travel and Leave (T&L) form. The following information should be included:
    1. Period of travel
    2. Destination (city and state)
    3. Account and project numbers to be charged for the travel
    4. Estimated expense
    5. Fill in the appropriate information for a travel advance if necessary
  2. In the case of student travel, a supervisor must sign the form.
  3. Take the completed T&L to room 322 in the Teague Building.
  4. If a travel advance is needed:
    1. Texas A&M: The T&L should be submitted NO LATER THAN TWO WEEKS before travel. The travel coordinator must fill out a separate form to request the advance.
    2. TEES: It is not necessary to fill out a separate form however it still takes extra time to process an advance and the earlier you submit the T&L the better.

During the trip

  1. When traveling, it is best to save ALL receipts.

After the trip

  1. Complete a Travel Worksheet Form.
  2. Take all receipts for which reimbursement is requested to room 322 in the Teague Building along with the completed Travel Worksheet.

Please note that in order to be reimbursed for hotel charges, accounting must have an itemized bill showing the charges for each day.

All Travel Forms

  1. Travel & Leave 
  2. T&L Forms Packet 
  3. Travel Worksheet 
  4. T&L Attachment
  5. Business Meal Form
  6. Airfare: Business Class Upgrade Request Form