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Note: The following procedures are only a guideline. If you have never traveled under Texas A&M University auspice before, please contact the travel coordinator in Engineering Activities Building B, room 104, for answers regarding your particular travel circumstances.

Prior to trip

  1. Complete a Texas A&M Travel and Leave (T&L) form. The following information should be included:
    1. Period of travel
    2. Destination (city and state)
    3. Account and project numbers to be charged for the travel
    4. Estimated expense
    5. Fill in the appropriate information for a travel advance if necessary
  2. In the case of student travel, a supervisor must sign the form.
  3. Take the completed T&L to room 104 in Engineering Activities Building B.
  4. If a travel advance is needed:
    1. Texas A&M: The T&L should be submitted NO LATER THAN TWO WEEKS before travel. The travel coordinator must fill out a separate form to request the advance.
    2. TEES: It is not necessary to fill out a separate form however it still takes extra time to process an advance and the earlier you submit the T&L the better.

During the trip

  1. When traveling, it is best to save ALL receipts.

After the trip

  1. Complete a Travel Worksheet Form.
  2. Take all receipts for which reimbursement is requested to room 104 in Engineering Activities Building B along with the completed Travel Worksheet.

Please note that in order to be reimbursed for hotel charges, accounting must have an itemized bill showing the charges for each day.