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Computing Policies


  • 489/689 Special Topics

Upon completion of "Special Topics Request" and "Syllabus" below, please forward to Marilyn Payton (for 489 courses) or Karrie Bourquin (for 689 courses) in the advising office (325 TEAG). Please note that if the course is to be taught as a 489 and 689, a separate form and syllabus will need to be completed for both the 489 and 689 course. Once received in the advising office, the form will then be forwarded to the appropriate departmental committee for approval before being routed to the Dean’s office for further approvals prior to the course being offered.

  • Disruptive Events in Class
  • The official policies are governed by Student Rule 21, which can be seen here:
  • In an emergency, you can of course call the police (911 from a campus phone), and if there is a criminal action, you should contact police.
  • It is always OK to bring issues to the Associate Head for Academics either formally or informally. The Associate Head for Academics will do what they can to help determine options open to you, speak to the student(s), etc.
  • If an incident occurs in which you feel the student needs to be removed from the classroom, you have the right to ask the student to leave at any point (and can involve police or others if the student refuses). Note that this removal is an interim status that needs to get resolved within 3 days (see student rule 21.1), so if you do this, you should make sure to follow up immediately afterward.
  • The primary “official” reporting option is to file a Campus Community Incident Report. This can be done following the “report an incident” link at: They have a process where they can follow up with the student, and there is the chance of longer-term sanctions for inappropriate student conduct.
  • If you feel that the student has issues that move toward being concerned for the student’s or others’ physical or mental health, or if the student is just generally exhibiting concerning behavior, then you should file a report at the “reporting form” link at:
  • If you work out an agreement with the student following class that resolves the situation to your satisfaction, please be sure to document the discussion and the resolution in writing (see Student Rule 21.2.1). This will help protect you and the student should any further followup be needed in the future.
  • In the case that the student is a member of the Corps of Cadets, the Corps has a higher standard of conduct expectation for its members, and has staff devoted to discipline. The Associate Head for Academics can help you contact the appropriate people there if needed.




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