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See a list of expectations regarding the rooms available to reserve in the Peterson Building (PETR) at Texas A&M University.

  • All groups are responsible for the setup and tear down of their events. This includes moving tables, chairs and podiums in the arrangement needed for your event and putting them back to the standard room layout after your event (a standard room layout is posted in each room).
  • All groups are responsible for leaving the facilities clean and orderly after use:
    • All food trash must be placed in the black trash receptacle located in the first-floor elevator vestibule (near the rear doors).
    • Or trash can be placed in the dumpster behind the building (in between PETR and the Annex).
    • All trash must be picked up from the floors and furniture.
    • Spills or sticky spots must be wiped up. See administrative staff in suite 102 for supplies.
    • Please turn off all electronic equipment before you leave the room.
    • Our facilities manager ( must be notified of any equipment malfunctions, carpet stains or other damage to the space. *All groups are responsible for damages incurred during use.
  • Your event time begins at the time listed on your request. If you need additional setup or tear down time, you must include it in your request.
  • Catering/food is allowed only with prior approval from the admin staff.
  • Vendors (e.g. caterers) must not block roads or walkways. The user must make parking arrangements with Sarah Morgan ( or Texas A&M Transportation Services and inform vendors of the parking guidelines.
  • Objects may not be affixed to the walls, ceilings or stairways of PETR.
  • Restricted items include, but are not limited to, confetti, glue, tape, glitter, rose petals and silly string.
  • Use of candles and/or open flame of any kind is not permitted inside PETR or on the grounds.
  • No red drinks or punch of any kind is permitted inside PETR. Maroon/dark icing is not allowed in any event space.
  • Sound amplification systems may not be used inside or outside PETR without prior approval from
  • The event space (PETR 118) is equipped with three projectors/screens and a sound system with wireless mics. All Peterson meeting and conference rooms are equipped with a projector/screen, HDMI hookup, whiteboard and camera.
  • You will need to bring a laptop to use the projector/screens. All of our rooms are "bring your own device" spaces.
  •  The department will not be responsible for lost or stolen articles or for any liability arising from the use of PETR.
  • Modifications and exceptions to these policies may be made at any time by the admin staff.
  • The department reserves the right to decline future scheduling of events for any organization if these guidelines are not followed.

Need Assistance or Have a Question?

Contact us if you have questions are need assistance related to spaces in the Peterson Building.

  • For information technology questions or to request help for set up prior to your event, send an email to or call 979-845-5550.
  • For event/meeting space reservation questions, send an email to or call 979-845-5534.

Trash Disposal

Large wheeled black trash bin in corner of hallway.
Partial floor plan of the Peterson Building with green arrow pointing to the location of the dumpster.