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See rules regarding the areas listed below in the Peterson Building at Texas A&M University.

Food, Drink and Kitchen Areas

Food is permitted in Texas A&M University's Peterson Building. However, we ask that you help us maintain a clean and pest-free environment. Please dispose of all trash in the appropriate containers located on each floor. Report any spills that you cannot effectively clean up to the department office.

For those using the kitchen area on each floor, there are specific rules that must be followed. If a kitchen area continues to be found unkept, appropriate actions will be taken.

  1. All food in the refrigerator must be kept sealed so that odors are minimized.

  2. All food must be labeled.

  3. Community refrigerators are designed for temporary storage and students are responsible for removing their items regularly.

  4. Wipe down counters after each use.

  5. Rinse out sink after each use.

Please respect your fellow Aggies. Clean up after yourselves.

Research Space and Offices

Research space and offices are meant to support academic and research activities.

Inappropriate conduct such as sleeping, excessive noise, or writing objectionable language on the whiteboards is not permitted. No bedding such as cots, sleeping bags, pillows or blankets for sleeping should be in the research space or office. Should you be experiencing a hardship regarding living arrangements, please reach out to the department office for guidance.

Since the majority of all offices and research space is visible, we ask that you keep the space tidy. This means keeping trash off the floor and personal items that are not academic or research related out of sight (such as hygiene products or personal clothing). 

Violations of these rules:

  • 1st Incident: Warning to student (advisor notified)
  • 2nd Incident: Personal conference with computer science and engineering department administrative representative (advisor notified)
  • 3rd Incident: Access from space revoked (advisor notified)
  • 4th Incident: Violation reported to the Student Conduct Office (advisor notified)

Building Access and Security

The Peterson Building is locked outside of normal business hours (8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday). When you swipe your Texas A&M identification (ID) card to access the building or your space/office, do not allow others in. If the person is authorized to be in the building, they will have their own ID card.