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Standard Safety Training Requirements

  • Introduction to Laboratory Safety – EHS (two options)
  • 11020: On-Line Hazard Communication Training – EHS
  • Online Coronavirus Trainings
    • Staff, faculty, student technicians and paid graduate students:
      • 2114130: Protocol and Certification for System Member Employees
      • 2114131: Safe Practices for Returning to Work
    • Undergraduate and graduate non-employee students:
      • 2114135: Protocol and Certification for Individuals Who Work on Behalf of, or Represent Texas A&M University
      • 2114136: Safe Practices for Returning and/or Coming to the Workplace During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • 2113364:Shop and Tool Safety - EHS
  • Hazard Communication Training Record
    • “Work Area Specific Training” (bottom portion) is given onsite by PI or lab manager of the research lab.


Any person who operates or works with a laser must complete the “General Laser Safety” online training. This training must be completed every two years. Specific laser training must also be given by the laser permit holder. Complete the "General Laser Safety" online training.


Any person working in a BL-2 laboratory must complete the following trainings and tasks:

  • BL-2 online training (course #211486)
  • Online Bloodborne Pathogen training
    • Employees:
      • Research Personnel on IBC Permit: Bloodborne Pathogens Training for Research Personnel – BOHP (course #2114036)
      • Operations Personnel: Bloodborne Pathogens Training for Operations Personnel – BOHP (course #2114037)
    • TAMU Students and Visitors:
      • Research Personnel on IBC Permit: Bloodborne Pathogens Training for Research Personnel – BOHP (course #2114036)
      • Visitors: Bloodborne Pathogen Training for Visitors – BOHP (course #2113539)
      • Contact for the training password
  • Effective Use of Class II Biological Safety Cabinets - Biosafety (course #2111531)
  • Cryotank Users: Working Safety with Cryogenics - EHS (course #211228)
  • Complete the Biosafety Occupational Health Program (BOHP) Questionnaire
  • Shared BL2 labs only:
    • Sign the shared lab safety binder located in each lab in which access is gained.

 If you will be doing BL2 work in the lab, you and the lab you intend to use must be included on your PI’s IBC permit. You will also need Autoclave training if you intend to access ETB 3043.

Visit the Research Compliance and Biosafety website for more information.


Online courses may be accessed by visiting:

A Lab and Office Access Request Form must be filled out with the PI’s signature. Send the form and all safety training transcripts to in order to gain key or card swipe access to the labs. If needing to use shared lab equipment, training must be completed for gaining access. See for the equipment list, fees and details on scheduling training.

Visit the Biomedical Engineering Safety website for details and documents.