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  1. No food or drink allowed in shared laboratories.
  2. Close-toed, impermeable shoes and long pants required.
  3. Access
    1. An Access Request Form must be on file in order to gain access to shared laboratories. 

    2. Keep lab doors closed.
    3. Lock lab doors when unattended.
  4. Chemicals/Samples
    1. Properly label all items in common refrigerators and freezers with item name, PI, dates received and dates opened.

    2. Label all containers, including acetone wash bottles and DI water carboys.
    3. Label chemicals in secondary containers with chemical name, PI and dates.
    4. Update Safety Data Sheets in laboratory when storing new chemicals.
  5. Fume Hoods
    1. Chemicals should not be stored in the working area of a fume hood or left opened when unattended.

    2. When working in fume hoods, fill out fume hood logbook.

    3. Any work in a fume hood must have a protocol approved by the technical lab coordinator.
  6. Housekeeping

Do not leave sharps and other tools lying around.

    2. Do not throw needles, syringes and other sharps in the regular trash.
    3. Clean work area before leaving laboratory
    4. Keep laboratory free of clutter
    5. Clean up spills (even minor ones) promptly.
  7. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Wear PPE such as eye protection, gloves and lab coats.

    2. Take gloves off before exiting the lab and touching common surfaces such as 
door handles and elevator buttons.
  8. Waste
Label all hazardous waste.

    2. When mostly full, tag waste for pickup (do not date tag)
    3. Do not store hazardous waste in a shared lab for an extended period.
  9. Equipment with a “New Operator Card Required” sign requires training by the technical lab coordinator. 

  10. Report any unsafe conditions immediately. (See contact information on laboratory door).