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  1. Visit the Dakota website:
  2. Log in using lab specific log in information.
    1. If the lab is not yet registered in the system, contact
  3. Select the Scout module.
  4. Select the lab the waste was generated in by rightclicking on the number and select “Add New Item Here,” then “Waste Disposal Request.”
  5. Click “+” sign in Container Info and add content information.
    1. List ALL chemicals in the container. This includes water. Full chemical names only. Abbreviations and formulas will not be accepted.
    2. Enter any comments in the notes section, such as specific waste location, replacement drum needed, etc.
  6. Submit and click final submit when finished.
  7. Existing entries may be edited; however, Environmental Health and Safety must be contacted for deleting entries.
  8. Attach green waste tag to hazardous waste container using cotton string.

Waste Containers

  1. Properly deface waste containers so that the original label is illegible. Do this by removing the original label or by covering it with a blank label or tape. Label as “Hazardous Waste.”
  2. Liquids and solids can NOT be in the same waste container.

Request New Tags

  1. Green tags and cotton string are available on the shelf inside ETB 5046 (next to reception) or by contacting
  2. Alternatively, new tags may be requested by contacting or by requesting tags in the “Notes” section while entering a Waste Disposal Request online.