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Participant Expectations

  1. Texas state law (SB 1107) requires that all students (under age 22) entering an institution of higher education in Texas either receive a bacterial meningitis vaccination or meet certain criteria for declining such vaccination.
  2. Participate in residence and in all USRG activities for the entire 10-week session.
  3. Participants are not permitted to be enrolled in any additional courses during the entire 10-week summer period, other than the required research course associated with the program.
  4. Complete program surveys.
  5. Expected to commit at least 40 hours a week.
    • Includes research hours determined by the research mentor
    • Includes mandatory USRG activities
  6. Complete deliverables by the deadline (TBD) that include, but are not limited to those below:
    • Surveys
    • Curriculum vitae
    • Research plan
    • Progress report
    • Abstract
    • Paper
    • Poster and poster presentation
  7. The program administrators reserve the right to reduce or revoke stipend amount, and/or lower final course grade, and/or dismiss the participant from the program at any time, should requirements and expectations not be met.
  8. As a USRG participant, you will be enrolled as a Texas A&M student and will be expected to follow excused absence rules found at the Attendance page of the Student Rules site for all USRG activities.
  9. All vacations (outside of weekends) must be approved by the USRG program staff and the research mentor. At the time of acceptance, participants must notify the USRG program staff of any pre-planned extended vacations in order to provide the USRG program and faculty mentor time to review the request and, if approved, make necessary scheduling and assignment arrangements.
  10. Students will receive a satisfactory or unsatisfactory credit upon completion of the program. No letter grades will be given for participating.