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See frequently asked questions about Texas A&M University's engineering program in McAllen.

1. How are the general engineering programs in McAllen and College Station related?

The Texas A&M College of Engineering is a single unit that offers the first-year curriculum at multiple locations including College Station, Galveston and McAllen. The good news is that no matter which location you begin your academic career in, you are a Fightin’ Texas Aggie!

2. What are the advantages of beginning my engineering education on the McAllen campus of Texas A&M University?

Students at the Higher Education Center at McAllen have a unique opportunity to earn an engineering degree from Texas A&M University while living in a thriving, close-knit community in the Rio Grande Valley. This remote learning center was established to prepare students to work in local industries and beyond. Students experience small class sizes, easier access to faculty and the ability to develop a tight community of academic peers.

3. If I begin my engineering education on the McAllen campus, what is the process for entering into a degree-granting engineering major?

The Entry to a Major (ETAM) process is the same for all students, regardless of where they begin their engineering education. Once students successfully meet the minimum ETAM requirements, they apply to at least three of the 20+ majors offered in the College of Engineering and also have the option to specify a location. Once accepted into a major, they move to the location where that major is offered. More information about the ETAM process can be found on our ETAM website.

4. Can I complete my full degree on the McAllen campus? What majors are offered?

In addition to the four-year degree programs offered at the College Station campus, general engineering students can also choose to complete their four-year engineering degree at the Higher Education Center in McAllen. In McAllen, there are currently two engineering degrees being offered that take advantage of the campus’s unique setting in the Rio Grande Valley. These include interdisciplinary engineering and multidisciplinary engineering technology. Interdisciplinary engineering offers two different tracks, hardware and control systems or engineering manufacturing operations. 

You will hear more about these programs at your New Student Conference and have the opportunity to explore these degree options during your first year. Regardless of where you complete your degree, you’re earning the same Texas A&M University diploma and the same Texas A&M Aggie Ring!

5. Will the General Engineering program on the McAllen campus prepare me for my intended engineering major?

Regardless of location, students in general engineering complete three foundational engineering courses. These are taught by faculty from the Texas A&M College of Engineering and are overseen by the general engineering program in College Station. In addition, all students in general engineering complete several rigorous math and science courses taught by Texas A&M faculty that have been reviewed and aligned for content by their respective departments in College Station. In summary, the general engineering curriculum is designed to prepare you for success in your intended major!

6. Will I have access to student organizations, internships, etc. on the McAllen campus?

The Higher Education Center at McAllen houses various student organizations to help you succeed as students and support your growth and development. A list of current organizations is available on the Higher Education Center at McAllen's Student Organizations website. Additionally, students may participate in student organizations recognized by the College Station campus. To pursue internships and full-time employment, students have access to the Texas A&M Career Center and Career Coordinator staff members who specialize in supporting students from the College of Engineering and the Higher Education Center at McAllen campus.

7. Am I required to take a math placement exam? What is this exam and how can I prepare for it?

The College of Engineering requires that all students take the Math Placement Exam (MPE) prior to attending a New Student Conference. The MPE tests students on their knowledge of pre-calculus and determines which math course they will enroll in during their first semester at Texas A&M. It is important that all students follow the guidance of the MPE, since proficiency in mathematics is a key factor to their success in an engineering program. To find out more about the MPE and how to prepare, visit the MPE website.

8. Does the McAllen campus offer services to students with disabilities?

Students in McAllen work directly with the Disability Resources office in College Station regarding services offered, accommodations, etc. Details and contact information can be found on the Disability Resources website.

9. I have questions regarding residence life, dining, extracurricular activities, etc. offered on the McAllen campus. Who can I contact?

Check out off-campus resources under frequently asked questions to learn more about housing options, roommates, and off-campus life. The staff at the Texas A&M University Rio Grande Valley Prospective Student Center can also answer questions of this nature at the contact information below.
Address: 5277 North 23rd Street, McAllen, TX 78504 
Phone: 956-683-8647

10. Can I visit the McAllen campus? Who can I contact to schedule a visit?

The Higher Education Center at McAllen hosts individual and family tours. The best way to schedule a tour of the campus is to visit McAllen's Office of Admissions webpage