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Two women wearing goggles and lab coats looking at a large computer screen.

Texas A&M University College of Engineering researchers have established preeminence in several research areas. The College of Engineering is ranked third in research expenditures among all colleges nationwide, as reported for fiscal year 2021 to the American Society for Engineering Education.

Our Research Areas

Our primary research areas are:

  • autonomy and robotics
  • energy systems and services
  • education and training
  • health care
  • information systems and sensors
  • materials and manufacturing
  • national security and safety
  • infrastructure

Underlying technologies that propelled the college to the forefront of the above research areas include mathematical modeling and simulation, optimization, mechanics, sensors, structures, robotics, autonomous vehicles, communications and networks, process engineering, materials, and computational sciences.

The quality of our research activities is highlighted by the direct impact of our research on technology; volume of peer-reviewed research funding from highly competitive sources; volume of publications in high impact refereed journals; number of patents; volume of widely used textbooks; and national rankings of our programs.