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About I-Corps at Texas A&M

Texas A&M I-Corps Hub is funded by the National Science Foundation and serves faculty, researchers, and students across the Texas A&M System. Our HUB supports deep-tech innovators across our research enterprise and provides real world training on how to incorporate innovations developed in research labs into commercially viable companies to solve societal problems. The program curriculum is based on the Lean Startup framework, through which researchers can better understand the market potential of an innovation.

Texas A&M University has been associated with the NSF I-Corps program since 2012 as an I-Corps Node, Site and presently from 2023 as a founding member of the NSF I-Corps Hub: Southwest, a member of the National Innovation Network.

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NSF I-Corps Roadmap

As a faculty or student researcher, how do you bridge the gap between the university research lab and the marketplace? It's no easy task to advance your work to the point that businesses or government agencies recognize its commercial potential. It requires entrepreneurial skills to identify market opportunities for the discoveries emerging from your research. These entrepreneurial skills, and more, can be gained through our real-world, hands-on, immersive NSF Innovation Corps program.

An illustration representing the roadmap of how a research project goes through IdeaLaunch program to NSF I-Corps through to a potential outcome.
The Program Roadmap illustrates how you can translate your research project, which is often grant or self-funded and/or institutionally funded, to a customer-centric technology through the NSF I-Corp Hub Southwest’s IdeaLaunch three-week program. This program will not only teach you the discovery skills needed to ascertain the market segment(s) for your technology but also provide you with the needed lineage to apply for the National Science Foundation I-Corps program. NSF I-Corps is a seven-week intensive customer discovery program that will better prepare you for writing translational proposals, filing invention disclosures, identifying possible sponsored research opportunities, and/or creating a startup around your technology.

The path to NSF I-Corps

We offer three routes to prepare for applying to the National NSF I-Corps program.

The most significant impacts from my team’s participation in the NSF I-Corps program came from the experiences of being encouraged to investigate broad commercial outlets for our technology, to engage in customer discovery interviews throughout broad sectors, and to struggle through the development of a business model canvas as a living strategic plan. At the end of I-Corps, we were a ‘no-go’, however, we have since launched a couple of ventures.

Dr. Karen Wooley, University Distinguished Professor, Texas A&M University

Student NSF I-Corps Opportunities

Texas A&M ⎻ I-Corps Team Stats

59 Teams Started
20 Startups Formed
197 Participants

Southwest I-Corps offers programs to engage your team in the customer discovery process, establish product-market fit, validate your business model, and improve your odds for commercial success.

Your Texas A&M I-Corps Team

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