• Research Professor
A. Rashid Hasan

Educational Background

  • Doctor of Philosophy, chemical engineering, University of Waterloo - 1979
  • Master of Science, chemical engineering, University of Waterloo - 1975
  • Bachelor of Science, chemical engineering, University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka - 1972

Research Interests

    • Wellbore heat transfer
      • Systematic modeling of heat transfer in wellbores and subsea completion in deep water settings
    • Transient transport processes
      • Numerical and semi-analytical approaches for modeling transient flow of heat, mass, and momentum in wellbores
      • Modeling wellbore transient heat transfer to convert wellhead pressure during water injection in unconventional formations
    • Wellbore/Reservoir fluid flow
      • Integrated approach to modeling fluid flow and pressure drop in both reservoirs and wellbores to better understand the process of liquid loading of gas wells and well blow outs

Awards & Honors

  • Larry A. Cress '76 Faculty Fellow, Harold Vance Department of Petroleum Engineering - 2014-2019
  • Production & Operations Award, Society of Petroleum Engineers - 2011
  • Outstanding Technical Editor, Society of Petroleum Engineers - 1992, 1996
  • American Society of Engineering Educator Fellowship, NASA-Glenn Research - 1997, 1998
  • Association of Western Universities Fellow, Idaho National Engineering Lab - 1987, 1988

Selected Publications

  • Hasan, A.R. and Kabir, C.S. 2002. Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Wellbores. SPE Textbook Series, Richardson, Texas.
  • Hasan, A.R. and Kabir, C.S. 2012. Wellbore Heat-transfer Modeling and Application. Invited review paper, J. Petrol. Sci. and Engr. 86-86 127-136.
  • Ismadi, D., Kabir, C.S., and Hasan, A.R. 2012. The Use of Combined Static and Dynamic Material-Balance Methods in Gas Reservoirs. SPEREE (June 2012) 51-360.
  • Hasan, A.R., Kabir, C.S., and Sayarpour, M. 2010. Simplified Two-Phase Flow Modeling in Wellbores. J. Petrol. Sci. and Engr. 72 (3-4): 42-49.
  • Hasan, A.R. and Kabir, C.S. 2010. Modeling Two-Phase Fluid and Heat Flows in Geothermal Wells. J. Pet. Sci. Engr. 71 (3-4): 77-86.