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The College of Engineering at Texas A&M University provides industry professionals with a plethora of developmental and educational opportunities, partnering with industry experts to offer high-quality, intensive short courses to working professionals this summer for expanded opportunities in learning soft skills critical for industry success.

The Master of Engineering Technical Management (METM) program is expanding its initiatives by adding the following professional development courses: Data-Driven Decision Making; Developing New Products; and Leading and Managing With Emotional Intelligence. The METM program provides industry-critical skills for engineering and technical professionals wanting to expand their skill set in technical management. The courses are designed to help industry professionals develop new tools, and provide insight for immediate application. Each course will be taught by faculty members within the Department of Engineering Technology and Industrial Distribution.

Dr. Xiaomin Yang, senior licensing manager in the Licensing and Intellectual Property Division at Texas A&M University System Technology Commercialization, will be teaching a development course on data-driven decision making. Yang has more than 15 years of combined experience and has created $60 million through transforming technologies into new business opportunities. The course aims to instill a general intuition for data-driven decision making and equip executives with the tools and techniques necessary to analyze large databases and use effective data visualization to gauge key metrics.

Ronald L. Lerner, president and managing director of engineering and project management for Advanced Inventive and Technical Design Services LLC, will be teaching a course on new product development. Lerner has more than 40 years of experience in various fields, including design, new product development, global product design and manufacturing, and has held many leadership positions within industry. The course will provide an overview of the new product development process (NPD) for leaders and managers and the current process, procedures, and techniques for NPD initiatives.

Dr. Ben Zoghi holds the Victor H. Thompson Endowed Chair Professorship in the Electronic Systems Engineering program and is director of the RFID/ Sensor Laboratory and the METM program at Texas A&M. Zoghi has distinguished himself as a professor, researcher and administrator holding many positions over the past 30 years as a faculty member at Texas A&M. Zoghi will be teaching a course on leading and managing with emotional intelligence (EI). This course will focus on how EQ and its application can further leadership, personal and career development, as well as workplace planning and building high-performance teams.

These courses will be offered in Houston, Texas on July 19-20. Visit us here for more information on the courses.