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self driving vehicle
Welcome to The J. Mike Walker '66 Department of Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University!

Students who wish to transfer into the Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program from another degree program within Texas A&M University should provide the following to the MEEN Graduate Academic Advisor:

  • Copies of undergraduate and graduate transcripts from previously attended universities
  • A brief statement of purpose outlining why you want to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering
  • The name of your current research advisor, if applicable
  • The name of the faculty member you plan to work with in mechanical engineering, if this has already been determined
  • A brief description of your funding plans, if admitted to the Department of Mechanical Engineering 

When applying to transfer, please follow the suggested process:

  1. Networking and/or meeting with MEEN faculty members matching your research interests is highly recommended.
  2. Meet with the MEEN Graduate Academic Advisor to submit hard copies of the information listed above
  3. If a favorable decision is made, fill out the appropriate forms (MDD petition at or Letter of Intent)