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Mechanical engineering department development officer

Giving to the Department of Mechanical Engineering is critical to continuing the legacy of our nationally recognized standards of educational excellence and is now easier than ever. The Texas A&M Foundation has recently opened its GiveNow secure online giving website, and it is available to use for direct contributions to the mechanical engineering department.

Mechanical engineering currently has several giving opportunities. Please make a selection from the choices presented: 

Mechanical Engineering Excellence Fund: This fund provides support to recruit and retain the best faculty and students through:

  • Faculty Fellowships
  • Endowed Undergraduate Scholarships
  • Department Head Strategic Initiatives
  • Faculty and Staff Recognition and Support

Mechanical Engineering Advancement Fund: This fund is sponsored by the Mechanical Engineering Industry Advisory Council to enable the department head to support the mission of the department. This includes 1. Faculty support through fellowships to attract and retain faculty; 2. Recognition for faculty and support staff; 3. Undergraduate Student Endowed scholarships; and 4. MEEN Strategic Activities that support the departments mission (see diagram below). This fund is recommended for anyone wishing to contribute directly to support the Mechanical Engineering Department.

ME Advancement Fund