Laboratories and Groups

Each of our faculty members who has a research laboratory or group is listed in the below table. These labs and groups include a number of graduate student researchers and often involve undergraduate researchers.

Name Contact
Acoustics and Signal Processing Laboratory Dr. Yong-Joe Kim 
Advanced Computational Mechanics Laboratory  Dr. J.N. Reddy
Advanced Engine Research Laboratory Dr. Timothy Jacobs
Advanced NanoManufacturing Laboratory  Dr. Jonathan Felts
Aerosol Technology Laboratory Dr. Yassin Hassan
Bio-Inspired Complex Network Design for Sustainability Dr. Astrid Layton
BioMechanical Environments Laboratory  Dr. Michael Moreno
BioRobotics Laboratory  Dr. Seokchang Ryu
Computational Biomechanics Laboratory Dr. Sevan Goenezen
Computational Heat Transfer  Dr. N.K. Anand
Computational Thermo-Fluids & Energy Systems Lab Dr. Dorrin Jarrahbashi
Controls and Mechatronics Research Laboratory Dr. Xingyong Song
Design Systems Laboratory  Dr. Richard Malak
E3 (Engines, Emissions, and Energy Dr. Jerald Caton
Energy Control and Optimization (ECO) Laboratory  Dr. Shima Hajimirza
Energy Systems Laboratory Dr. David E. Claridge
Experimental Solid Mechanics Lab Dr. Matt Pharr
Gas Dynamics and Propulsion Group Dr. Eric Peterson
Human Rehabilitation Group Dr. Pilwon Hur 
Laboratory for Low Carbon Energy and Sustainable Environment  Dr. Ying Li
Laboratory for Nonequilibrium Phenomena Dr. Justin Wilkerson
Manufacturing Innovation Laboratory (B. Tai) Dr. Bruce Tai
Microtribodynamics Laboratory Dr. Andreas Polycarpou
Mixed-Initiative Design Lab Dr. Vinayak
Multi-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer Laboratory  Dr. Debjyoti Banerjee
Nano-Energy Laboratory  Dr. Choongo Yu
Nonlinear Engineering and Control Lab  Dr. Steve Suh
Optical Diagnostics and Imaging Laboratory  Dr. Waruna Kulatilaka
Plasma Engineering and Diagnostics Laboratory  Dr. David Staack
Polymer NanoComposites Laboratory  Dr. Jaime Grunlan
Precision Mechatronics Laboratory  Dr. Won-Jong Kim
Precision Measurement and Instrumentation Laboratory Dr. ChaBum Lee
PROduct Synthesis Engineering Lab Dr. Dan McAdams
Rotordynamics Tribology Group  Dr. Luis San Andres
Smart Systems Lab  Dr. Arun Srinivasa
Surface Science Laboratory  Dr. Hong Liang
Thermo-Fluids Control Lab  Dr. Bryan Rasmussen
Turbine Heat Transfer Laboratory  Dr. J.C. Han
Turbine Performance and Flow Research  Dr. M.T. Schobeiri
Turbomachinery Laboratory Multiple
Unmanned Systems Lab Dr. Srikanth Saripalli
Vibration, Control and Electromechanics  Dr. Alan Palazzolo