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Welcome to The J. Mike Walker '66 Department of Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University!

Our mechanical engineering program continues to be in great demand and under considerable enrollment pressure. Consequently, admission is highly competitive. 

  • Evaluation for admission into the J. Mike Walker '66 Department of Mechanical Engineering is handled differently depending on the category of student.
  • Students who have ever been assigned a sanction due to academic or behavioral misconduct at any institution of higher education will not be admitted into the Department of Mechanical Engineering.
  • Students classified as "readmit" or "post-baccalaureate" for admissions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Decisions will be made generally following criteria similar to those for students transferring from institutions outside Texas A&M.


To be a successful applicant, you are expected to have completed most of the courses equivalent to those taken by freshmen in our program. Specifically, the pre-engineering courses listed below, along with a computer programming course (in this order of preference: Python, Matlab, and C++), are required for successful applicants.

Admission Criteria

Required Coursework for Admission
Course Name
TAMU Hours TCCNS* Course Number**
Engineering Math I
4 MATH 24131 MATH 151
Engineering Math II
4 MATH 2414 MATH 152
Physics for Engineers I
3 PHYS 2425 or 2325 PHYS 206
Physics for Engineers II
3 PHYS 24262 or 2326 PHYS 207
Chemistry for Engineers and Lab
4 CHEM 1409 or 1412 CHEM 107/1173 or CHEM 120
Composition and Rhetoric
3 ENGL 1301 or 1302 ENGL 103 or 104

*Texas Common Course Numbering System. For institutions that do not use TCCNS, see the Texas A&M Transfer Course Equivalency guide on Howdy.

**All required coursework must be completed with a grade of B or better.

1 Students may have to complete Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus (MATH 2412) at their institution before taking MATH 2413. Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus are transferable courses but will not satisfy the Mathematics requirements in this degree plan.

2 PHYS 2426 (or 2326) must be complete or in progress at time of application. Transfer applicants admitted to Texas A&M Engineering with credit for PHYS 2425 (2325/2125) and PHYS 2426 (2326/2126) will only receive 6 credit hours towards their engineering bachelor's degree.

3 Students attending an institution without an equivalent to CHEM 107/117 can transfer an equivalent to Fundamentals to Chemistry II (CHEM 120 – CHEM 1412) to fulfill the CHEM 107/117 requirement.

Academic Guidelines for Admission Consideration

Our department takes a holistic review of all applications. A holistic review includes, but is not limited to:

  • In process of completing ALL courses listed above in the current semester
  • No history of repeating, dropping, or withdrawing from courses
  • Taking a reasonable load of courses and completing them in a timely manner
  • Completion of application short answer questions and work experience/involvement

Factors Affecting Admission Decisions

  • The number of students currently enrolled in the department,
  • The projected number of admitted general engineering students who will enroll in the department for the semester under review,
  • The projected number of admitted transfer students who will enroll in the department for the semester under review,
  • The number of transfer applicants under review, and
  • The academic record of those transfer applicants under review. 

How to Apply

Complete the Change of Major application package by the appropriate deadline.

Application Deadlines: Eligible students will be allowed to initiate a change of curriculum request starting ten business days after final grades are posted and ending on the 20th day of the semester. Student must be notified of a decision regarding their change of curriculum request on or before ten business days after posting of final grades. The curriculum change will be effective for the next academic term (per Texas A&M University Student Rule 5 Change of Curriculum).