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Please follow the steps below to properly dispose of any hazardous chemical waste materials. 

  1. Request or complete the Green Hazardous Waste Disposal Tag information. Waste Tags can be requested using one of the following:
  1. Visit the DakotaSoft website.
  1. Enter your credentials, then click “Log In To Your ProActivity Account.”
  2. Click “Scout” in the upper center area of the website.
  3. Right-click the lab where the waste was generated, then click “Add New Item Here,” then “Waste Disposal Request.”
    • If you have multiple labs listed, when you click “Scout,” choose the lab space for your organization, then follow the previous instructions.
  1. Scroll down slightly to “Container Info” and click the “+” under “Container ID” to proceed.
  2. A new box called “Add Record” will appear. (One green waste tag per container. If you have multiple quantities of the same chemical, please email to confirm if you can combine them on a single tag.)
    • Container ID – is the numeric identification number on the green waste disposal tag.
    • Chemical – will be the full complete name. No abbreviations.
    • Metric Weight or Volume – will be the quantity of waste you need to dispose of.
    • Unit of Measure – Click on the drop-down box and choose the appropriate measurement.
    • Notes – Please write where the waste will be located so Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) can quickly find it. If you require a replacement container, drum, etc., please enter that here also. (Waste must stay in the lab where it was generated).
  1. Click “Submit” and choose “Report Another” if you have more waste, or click “Close.” If you are finished, click “Final Submit.”
  2. Attach the Green Waste Tag to the container with a string or small wire. EHS will use the information from this tag when they pick up the waste.