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Welcome to The J. Mike Walker '66 Department of Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University!


The Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) in mechanical engineering is a 30-credit hour distance learning non-thesis graduate degree. This program provides advanced classroom instruction of greater depth than available in a Bachelor of Science degree. Master of Engineering students may choose to specialize in a technical area of interest or take courses across several technical areas.

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Degree Requirements

Distance Learning Courses:

The following courses are generally offered via distance learning annually:

  • MEEN 602: Modeling and Analysis of Mechanical Engineering Systems (fall/spring/summer)
  • MEEN 603: Theory of Elasticity (fall)
  • MEEN 613: Engineering Dynamics (fall)
  • MEEN 615: Advanced Engineering Thermodynamics (fall/spring)
  • MEEN 621: Fluid Mechanics (spring)
  • MEEN 651: Control System Design (fall)

The following courses are offered via distance learning on an annual or bi-annual basis, pending the availability of instructors:

  • MEEN 601: Advanced Product Design
  • MEEN 605: Compressible Flow
  • MEEN 611: Advanced IC Engines
  • MEEN 612: Mechanics of Robot Manipulators
  • MEEN 617: Mechanical Vibration
  • MEEN 626: Lubrication Theory
  • MEEN 633: Combustion Science and Engineering
  • MEEN 662: Energy Management in Industry
  • MEEN 663: Cogeneration Systems
  • MEEN 680: Optical Techniques for Engineers
  • MEEN 686: Composite Materials Processing and Performance
  • MEEN 689: Applied Finite Element Analysis

Additional courses are added on an ongoing basis.

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Master of Engineering Requirements

Committee Requirements:

Master of Engineering students do not have a research committee. However, the degree plan system requires that each student list a committee chair. The committee chair for all M.Eng. students is the Graduate Program Director, Dr. Bryan Rasmussen.

Curricular Requirements:

  1. Required graduate level mathematics credit: MEEN 602: Modeling & Analysis of Mechanical Systems  (three credit hours)
  2. Technical Elective Courses: Nine courses — total of 27 credit hours
    1. Any graduate level MEEN course. It may include courses from the core course listing and a maximum of 3 hours of MEEN 684 and 685 combined. 
    2. Up to two graduate level courses outside MEEN, but within the College of Engineering or College of Science. Courses with the ENGR prefix or from outside the Colleges of Engineering or Science will require prior approval from the MEEN Graduate Program Director.
    3. May include up to one undergraduate courses at the 400 level.